50kWp – Commercial kit

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50kWp – Commercial kit

108 x      Longi LR4-72HPH 450M
1 x          SMA CORE-1 STP 50-40 without display
1 x          SMA AC surge arresters Type II
1 x          SMA DC surge arresters Type II
1 x          SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0
3 x          WAGO 150A current transformer
250 x      Trapezoidal System Eco 340mm (For IBR Roof)
1000 x    Self-Drilling-Screw 5.5×25
250 x      Middle Clamp G4 33-46mm
80 x        EC Adapter 33-46mm
1 x          IBC FlexiSun 1x6mm² bk 500m
30 x        MC4-plug PV- KST 4/6II
30 x        MC4-socket PV- KST 4/6II


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