16 x Cheetah MAXIM BLACK 305W / Solis 4G Dual MPPT 4.6 kW Package

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This part is a special offer made up of the following items:
11 x JKMS305M-60B-MX-AB Jinko 305W Cheetah Mono PERC MAXIM Cell Optimised Smart All Black
1 x SOL-4.6-4G-DT Solis 4.6kW 4G Dual MPPT – Single Phase

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16 x Cheetah MAXIM BLACK 305W / Solis 4G Dual MPPT 4.6 kW Package

We’ve matched their All Black Mono modules with a Solis 4G Mini inverter to deliver a package that achieves the boosted yield of optimised modules, has the sleek looks suitable preferred for residential sites and is available at a price that leaves competing systems in the shade.

The Maxim technology, embedded into highly efficient PERC modules, represents the biggest leap forward in module performance in years.

A standard module with added power optimiser is limited by its least-performing cell string, whereas the unshaded areas of a Maxim module can continue as normal. In the same partial shading conditions, this is a major advantage. This is illustrated here with an optimised module on the left and a Maxim on the right:

Other benefits that the Maxim integration brings to your system:

• Reduced power degradation

• Expanded system size

• Flexibility in design

• Minimize soiling losses

• High-reliability solution

• Simple, low cost installation, with conventional system architecture


Jinko 305W Cheetah Mono PERC MAXIM Cell Optimised Smart All Black

JinkoSolar Cheetah series modules are produced in the company’s next-gen ultra-smart P5 super factory and represents the most cutting-edge technology in solar module manufacturing. Utilizing an all new wafer and cell design, the Cheetah series has erected a new benchmark for ultra-high performing modules with its industry leading performance in metrics such as, but not limited to, output, limited degradation, shade tolerance, and durability.

Mono Crystalline Cheetah PERC All Black Maxim Power Optimised module.


Output-Voltage Limiting

Integrated Maxim chip is capable of limiting module output Voltage and Current, which makes system design easier

Shade Tolerance

MPPT on individual cell-strings optimizes energy harvest

Built-in Cell Optimizer

No additional electronics or hardware required; allows for simple installation.


Solis 4.6kW 4G Dual MPPT – Single Phase

  •  Muti-working mode fully compatible with new AS4777.2:2015 standard
  •  Easy installation: Integrate with export power control function and DRM function.
  •  Max. Efficiency over 97.8% MPPT efficiency over 99.5%
  •  Ultra wide input voltage range
  •  Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  •  Export Limitation built in – Requires CT clamp (sold separately) – NOW G100 COMPLIANT


Weight 318 kg

Specification Module

Supplier Part No: JKMS305M-60B-MX-AB
Weight: 19 kg
Rated Power: 305 W
MCS Reference: MCS PV0163/3798
Length: 1,665 mm
Width: 1,002 mm
Depth: 35 mm
VMPP: 31.2 V
IMPP: 9.79 A
Voc: 35 V
Temp. Coefficient (Mpp): -0.37 %
Clamp position on panel: Long and short side
Connector Type:MC4
Efficiency: 18.3 %
Pallet Size: Oversized


Specification Inverter

Supplier Part No:SOL-4.6-4G-DT
Weight: 14 kg
Rated Power: 4,600 W
Min PPT Voltage: 100 V
Max PPT Voltage: 500 V
DC Startup Voltage: 120 V
DC Shutdown Voltage: 100 V
Max Input Voltage: 600 V
Max DC Power: 5,300 W
Max AC Power: 4,600 W
Max DC Current: 22 A
Max DC Inputs:2
Has DC Fuses:0
Connector: MC4 Compatible
Included Connectors: 2
Euro Efficiency: 97.3 %
IP Rating: IP65
MPPT Trackers:2
Has Integrated DC Switch:No
Warranty 5 years

Document Module

Brochure Jinko Company Profile 2018

Brochure Jinko Maxim Commercial

Brochure Jinko Maxim Residential

CE Declaration of Conformity Jinko

Data Sheet Jinko CheetahPERC MX Black 35mm 300-320W

IEC Certificate Jinko 61215

IEC Certificate Jinko 61730

Independant Test Report Jinko Ammonia

Independant Test Report Jinko Salt Mist Test

Installation Manual Jinko Sept 2018

Technical Data Jinko Quality

Document Inverter

Application Note 70 % Einstellung Beschreibung (German)

CE Declaration of Conformity Solis Mini 4G

Data Sheet Solis 4G 2.5k-6k

G99 Certificate 4.6K 4G

Independant Test Report Solis All WEEE-RoHS

Installation Manual 4G Mini Aug-2018

Installation Manual Solis 4G Aug-2018

Installation Manual Solis 4G June-2017

NRS 097

Test Certificate Export Power Manager

Warranty Solis 4G


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