Mid Clamp Rapid16 30-40mm Silver

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Rapid16 The new clamp range 

• Fewer variants for all applications

• Integrated grounding pin

• Quick mounting

• Optimised warehousing


The Schletter module clamp range Rapid16 provides a lot of advantages, such as better warehousing due to the minimised number of design variants and the grounding pin integrated in each module clamp. The Rapid16 clamps are compatible with all Schletter module-bearing rails with 8 mm click channel, designed for module frames of 30 – 50 mm height.

The clamping range is divided in 2 sizes. The lower module clamps can fasten modules with frame heights of 30 – 40 mm. The higher clamps are suitable for frames of 40 – 50 mm height. For all middle clamps and for the higher end clamps, the click-in component can be rotated and therefore fasten the modules both in portrait (vertically) and in landscape (horizontally) (linear module clamping). This, however, is not possible with end clamps for lower module frames, as there the click-in component cannot rotate due to its geometry. This is why we provide the lower end clamp also in “H” (horizontal) design.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 1 × 3.5 × 4 cm


Supplier Part No: SLT-131121-001
Weight: 0.05 kg
Clip Type:199
Clip H: 40 mm
Clip B1: 10 mm
Clip Colour: Silver




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